Welcome to StudyHan’s Chinese Teacher Search Page.

StudyHan – 学汉语 teachers community is a group of qualified Chinese Language Teachers. We share the mission to build a bridge to Chinese.

  • You may search a suitable tutor who fits your specific requirement.
  • Once you identified a preferred Chinese Language Tutor, you may
    • contact her/him directly to discuss the detail arrangement of tuition.
    • or email us at teacher@www.studyhan.com with teacher’s name and your requirement, if our teacher doesn’t share her/his contact, we will get back to you shortly.
  • Tuition Fee depends on teacher’s qualification, experiences and student’s level. Higher teacher’s qualification and more experiences demands higher fee. Higher student’s level requires higher fee also. You may refer to our Tuition Fee Guide for reference.

Our teacher and student matching service is completely and permanently FREE of charge for both teachers and students. There is no any hidden fees and obligations. Happy Searching.