About Us

StudyHan – 学汉语 is an one-stop open community to help people to learn Chinese as a second language. We serve both students and teachers.

Our Vision

Globalization without Language Barriers.

Our Mission

To build a bridge to Chinese for people to understand one another better.

Our Philosophy

To learn a new language is to experience similarity and differences of the cultures.
We believe in experiential learning. “Learn it and use it.” is how our teaching activities are designed and what students will achieve.

Our Methodology

StudyHan teaching method is built upon linguistic principles and years of scientific research and teaching experience. We focus on the basic skills, which are listening, speaking, reading and writing, to help people to learn Chinese as easily as possible.
Our teaching method aims to provide:

  • attracting and interesting method for students to be a self-motivated learner.
  • efficient studying skills for students to achieve better results.
  • practical conversational language skills.
  • a stimulating, enjoyable and pressure-free learning experience.

Our Approach

Our students come from local schools and around the world – business executives and individuals. Our approach is based on over 10-years of experience in applied linguistic research and teaching in Singapore and China.

Our teaching is dynamic, interactive, rewarding and tailored to individual or group needs.

We will help you

  • to archive better results in learning Chinese,
  • to live and work with Chinese easier,
  • to explore more Chinese culture,
  • to develop a deeper understanding of Chinese.