Spelling of Chinese Surname

Chinese Character is called HanZi, Han means Han majority in China, Zi means Character. Most chinese people use one characters as its surname, a few of them use two or more characters as their surname.
If we write down a name using Chinese character, we can easily tell what is the surname of a chinese people, but over the past centuries, chinese people moving to different countries in the world, all of them have to use English Character to spell their name for better communication, this caused various spelling for same Chinese character due to different dialects, spelling systems and periods.
Here is incomplete list of Chinese Surname in order to eliminate the confusion of the spelling of Chinese Surname in english character, if you find any error or know more variety, please help to revise the document to make it correct and complete.

Spelling of Chinese Surname
Chinese Surname Hàn Yǔ Pīn Yīn Various English Spelling
[陈] Chén Tan,Chan,Chin,Teng,Tjhin
[林] Lín Lim,Lam
[王] Wáng Heng,Ong,Wong

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